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Hometown Logistics



At Hometown, we have been offering awesome customer services to clients and customers for over 10 years with our various business solutions.


During the global pandemic, whilst our event business was prohibited, our polite and friendly Hometown team decided to bring their professionalism to the business of moving and clearing.


We are proud that with over one year over business, our clients consistently give us 5 star ratings for our services. With our usual enthusiasm for ensuring everything we do is “awesome”, the Hometown team hope to make moving your items easy, affordable and reliable.


Our team will always be respectful, polite and presentable and will complete the work as efficiently and with as little distraction as possible.


Also, utilising our local knowledge, all clearance items will be recycled, donated, resold and up-cycled as much as possible before any remaining items are disposed of safely.


We look forward to working with you!

Working with Hometown


Decide you are in a situation where you need our help


Contact us to discuss your requirement and possibly arrange a visit


Receive and agree the awesome competitive quote


Hometown arrive on time and professionally take care of all of your needs

Hometown Logistics Removals in Sussex and Hampshire
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