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Tips for Moving House with Pets

It’s no secret that moving can be really stressful, but bear in mind that this can also be felt by our furry friends too who are very good at picking up on the atmosphere around them. This means that if you're feeling stressed then the likelihood is that they are feeling it too! We are big animal lovers at Hometown so we’ve put together some top tips to help reduce anxiety in pets whilst moving.

Leading up the move and move day

  1. Try to stick to your usual routine as much as possible

  2. If you’ve noticed your dog or cat getting nervous the last time you pulled out a suitcase to go on holiday imagine how they will feel when the whole house gets packed! Get some moving boxes and suitcases out well before moving day so that they don't associate them with you leaving.

  3. Create a safe space for them to sit and watch whilst packing

  4. Use a plug-in diffusers to release calming pheromones

  5. On moving day it’s best to have someone else look after your pet or put them into a boarding kennel for the day of the move. If using a boarding kennel or cattery ensure that your pets vaccinations are all up to date. If this isn't an option then ahead of move day get one room packed up and empty and move your pets food and water bowl, toy and bed into that room. Let them get used to being in that room so that they don't feel strange on moving day. Your pet can then stay in this safe space whilst the big move happens.

  6. On move day avoid feeding pets close to travelling time as this can cause travel sickness.

  7. Ensure your pets microchips are up-to-date and make sure to tell the microchip company of your new address

  8. Advise your pet insurance company of your new address

  9. If you’re moving your pet rather than booking them into a kennel or cattery, make sure they are ready to travel. You’ll need a doggy seatbelt or secure cat carrier for them in the car.

  10. Leave moving your pet until everything else has gone from the house, to minimise the upset. Ideally take your dog for a good walk at this stage to calm them down, then take them to their new home.

Leading up the move and move day

  1. Ensure your house is totally secure before letting your pet in. If you have a dog you will be letting into the garden this applies here too. Check all fencing and anywhere they could get out. It's often a good idea to walk them around the garden on a lead first so that they feel safe with you next to them.

  2. When you arrive at your new home its a good idea to put some of your pets toys and bedding into one room along with a piece of clothing that smells of you. This will make them feel secure and at home.

  3. Gradually let them explore more rooms when they are feeling comfortable

  4. Take your dog for a stroll around your new neighbourhood

  5. Plug in the pheromone diffusers again!

  6. Moving day will have been busy for everyone but its a lovely idea to spend some quality time with your pets to reassure them.

  7. Cats should be kept indoors for a couple of weeks to help them familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. Once they do go outside make sure that you leave something the smells familiar in the garden (for example clothing or shoes) so that they can recognise where their new home is.

Have you got any tips for moving with pets? We’d love to hear them so we can share with our customers! Leave us a comment below.

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Howard Blain
Howard Blain
28 Δεκ 2023

The advice about updating pet information is often overlooked but so crucial. It's an extra layer of precaution to ensure our pets' safety. Thanks to the Movers Don Mills company for recognizing the unique needs of pet owners and sharing these insightful tips.

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